Environmental Policy

About our environmental policy

At Acies we are justly proud of our part in enhancing the built environment, but we are also aware of the impact our professional work has on the natural environment.

Acies operates an Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001:2015.

It is our policy to work closely with our clients and take all reasonable steps to minimise impact on the environment while improving the environmental performance of projects we are involved in.

This is our policy:

  • Specify materials with a low environmental impact and avoid the use of hazardous materials.
  • Consider energy efficiency and waste management.
  • Look to ensure flexibility of use in buildings.
  • Use green travel plan arrangements where possible.
  • Positively encourage the recycling of materials where appropriate.
  • Specify sustainable building materials.
  • Positively encourage our people to consider and become well informed about environmental implications.

Our policy in action

As well as being involved with a number of projects that have achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, Acies is committed to the RSK Group ‘Pledge to Net Zero’


Pledge to Net Zero