Kerrygold, Leek


The Kerrygold Company Limited

Project Value:



Acies acted as Civil & Structural Engineers for the construction of this state of the art food production facility.

The works included the formation of suspended offices over the production facility.

Due to the nature of the project the building was designed to provide a high hygienic standard throughout the production areas.

Project Team

Project Manager:

PQS Management & Employers Agent

Planning Supervisor:

Acies Group LLP

Structural Engineer:

Acies Group LLP

Main Contractor:

Clegg Food Projects

The plant currently packs over 60,000t of cheese per year, has 550 employees, and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The capacity of the plant can grow to around 80,000t per year.


The facility is one of the most environmentally friendly plants of its kind in Europe, featuring a range of environmental technology including:

  • Sunpipes to replace 90 light fittings, saving 5KW of energy in daylight hours.
  • A combined heat and power plant, generating 100KW of electricity and providing 225KW of waste heat to pre-heat water.
  • PIR lighting control in non-production areas to promote energy savings of around 56%.
  • Photovoltaic cells to give around 10KW at a capital cost of 100K, establishing a 0.3% reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Free Cooling to the production hall when the ambient temperature permits (150,000KW/h energy reduction prediction)
  • Inverter driven motors on pumps and fans to give a 56% energy reduction against the rated motor loadings
  • Air cooled refrigeration plant promoting a 60% reduction in electrical consumption